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Get Well Jasper.♡

I don’t think I’ll ever sleep.For like almost probably 2 days haven’t been eating so much because of the excitement that my family has with the cute little guy who is now in the family.He’s such a cute ball of joy.He’s a poodle.A white fluffy one.It’s the first time we ever had a puppy and now he got sick.:( Good thing we got him to the vet.He could of well I don’t want to think about it.:( He’s almost treated.He’s able to sort of eat but nurse said it’s normal.But he crying over the pain he has.He has well like a needle in his paw because we still have to get him more treatment.The whole day he was crying and he made me cry too.:’( Now I’m just hoping tomorrow everything goes well and Jasper will be healthy again.:)

You are not alone.I’ll always be there for you.♥
All I ever wanted is to feel your arms around me.The warmth you gave me.So loving and caring.I just miss it so much and I wish you were here.I just want to be near you.Be able to sleep in your protection.Why aren’t you here with me?
World full of wonder…
Awwww cute..:3❤
This is too cute.❤