I write what I feel and post many random things.I hope you don't mind my imaginations.It's my wonderland and you are welcome to explore.

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doginmech asked: Why is your blog so superb? 👌

I’m not sure but I’m flatter :3

My thoughts to you..

What is it that you see
The eyes you see in me
Is it beauty? Sorrow?
What is it that makes you so afraid of me?

My biggest fears that haunt my mind
The thoughts of you
You alone make this girl feel happy
Seeing you puts a smile on my face
But you can’t see can you?
How special you are

Everyone adores you
I adore you
But I can never show you because I’m afraid
Afraid of your rejection
And in my mind I imagine something beautiful
With you and me
Such a perfect story
A story that ended with pieces of unspoken words.